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Company Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement

It is the mission of D.J. Scheffler, Inc. to be of service to the foundation drilling and earth shoring
industries, not only by developing excellent solutions for our clients, but also by offering our
expertise to contractors that need assistance on an overflow work basis.


• To practice and share our knowledge with our industry.
• To achieve higher standards — and quality — through our "best practices.”
• To strive to always be better — to not accept “good enough.”
• To produce real value for our clients.
• To continually advance our production techniques, methods and processes.
• To reduce environmental damage and hazards.
• To eliminate accidents on jobs.
• To contribute to improved quality of life for our employees.

Core Values:

• To economically deliver valuable solutions to our clients through innovation
.. and value engineering.
• To advance the art of deep drilling and to educate our clients with regards to
..what is available and is in their best interests.
• To ensure that our clients and employees are taken care of fairly and equitably.
• To develop better products for our clients and set higher standards for the community.
• To achieve improved safety.
• To reduce risk to both the owner and developer.
• To assess our client's needs and cost constraints, and to respond appropriately.


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